Rand Paul Not Board Certified: Kentucky Senate Hopeful Faces Challenge From Medical Panel

I'm actually glad Rand Paul is up and about, shining a light on the real views of the anti-government Tea Party and their enablers.

It is so clear that what these people want is a government so weak that a person can make money doing gosh knows what to gosh knows who, and have very little repercussions in doing so. Who needs regulation? The free market of supply and demand will fix everything! Right, BP? Right, Bernie Madoff? Right, Dr. Conrad Murray?

Oh but wait, we didn't mean the common man, we only mean the free market for the already rich classes who can best take advantage of the system. Everyone else needs to wait their turn and fight over the crumbs left on the table. Know your place, peasants! You will work to death to make me rich, and enjoy it! Long live the Tea Party/GOP!

Jeebus Save Us.
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