Friday, February 19, 2010

Hiram Monserrate's Expulsion Upheld By Judge

He's a disgrace to more than just his constituents. When d-bags like Monseratte try pulling the "man of the people" crap and parade poor clueless individuals he shames his district, his city, and perhaps most tragic, he shames positive Latinos who are trying to do well by the comunity. He is of the same school as these machista cowards who think that their public face is all that matters, and forget what attrocities he's committing to his family behind closed doors. In the quest for power, they resort to violence at the first sign of a real challenge, and if that challenge comes from "his" family, even worse the reaction. Latinos should NOT defend this piece of garbage. Kick him out and keep our politicians honest. It's time for a new model for Latino Masculinity. The time of defending this bull in the name of "culture" is over.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Obama Takes GOP to School

I love this video. It shines a bright light on the ridiculousness that has been coming from the GOP over the last year. A room full of republicans try their best to get out their talking points and "act tough" with the President, and Obama, in true law professor form - takes his class to task.

The butt-kicking was clear and complete. Comments on the events included one person who wrote "What do you call 178 Republicans debating 1 Barack Obama? Answer: A Fair fight." SNL's 'Weekend Update' said it best: "That's like saying 'Let's see how tough Aquaman is when we get him in the water'..."

Here's the actual Q&A session - everyone needs to see this:

Here's Seth Meyers on SNL commenting:

If you ever thought Obama may be a bit out of touch now that he is in the ivory tower of The White House, or that he may be a little rusty, this removes all doubt (including mine.) Bravo Mr. President. Bravo. We need to see more of this, sir. Please.