Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Separating individuals from the issues

Just to go on record saying that while I support healthy peaceful protest and satire, I do not support anyone singling out individuals and in any way threatening them or even remotely exposing them to harm.

For example I thought it hilarious that protesters placed a huge inflatable Bush in DC during the inaugural do people could throw shoes at it. I do not support the Iraqi guy who threw his shoe at the actual man. Would one have been meaningful without the link to the first, perhaps not, but my point is this, be loud, be heard, but be civil at all times.

The anarchists at the G20 and other protests are undermining the legitimate protests against our flawed underegulated system by destroying property and striking terror in persons. This is not protest it is a mad mob.

My good friend works at AIG and has nothing to do with the CDS crisis. He should not fear for his safety.

I support the healthy expression of general frustration and anger. That is only effective when people see the frustration displayed by rational law abiding people, not by those who try to hide their violent tendencies within the crowd.

Testing Mobile Blogging

Thought I'd try mobile blogging, since most of my thought come to me on the bus and pulling out my laptop is a bit much. Let's see if this works.