Deportation Nightmare: Eduardo Caraballo, US Citizen Born In Puerto Rico, Detained As Illegal Immigrant

I remember saying to a friend recently - "This whole anti-immigrant era will blow up as soon as they try to deport a Puerto Rican to some Latin American country."

By trying to deport a Puerto Rican, who are all natural born citizens of the US and have been for almost 100 years, we expose the incredible flaws of the immigration system, and provide concrete evidence that these laws encourage profiling, intimidation and discrimination.

The only thing this gentleman had in common with an illegal immigrant was his brown skin and Spanish sounding name. That he even be suspected for being illegal is to admit profiling, that he be detained after providing legitimate "papers" is an obscene violation of civil liberties.

This flies in the face of those stubbornly naive or purposefully negligent arguments that enforcement-only policies only target the undocumented, and the rest of us should have nothing to fear. He WAS 3 DAYS INCARCERATED. Even 10 minutes is too long for any citizen, especially after producing evidence of citizenship. His "papers" were questioned because of his suspected ethnic makeup. A non-hispanic would not have been subject to the same scrutiny of verification. Luckily he had the foresight to call his congressman, but what of others who don't?

Every American should be appalled. This is a shame. A shame on those who pretend to defend freedom but allow a system to strip away the civil liberties of fellow citizens.
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