Somebody Close the Door: Reactions to Arizona Immigration Law Misses the Big Picture

Mr. Jones,

I respect your experience and opinion, your arguments here is flimsy and quite short sighted. Due to word constraint I will address only a few here:

1 - No one is pro-illegal immigration. That label was created xenophobes to demean those asking for comprehensive immigration reform. I am disappointed that you would adopt that terminology.

2 - There is growing evidence that origins of this law come from the white power and eugenics movements. See the following breakdown:

I hope no person, of any color, would support a law that comes from such a place.

3 - Criminalizing and pushing people deeper into the shadows empowers the real criminals, including smugglers, kidnappers and gang members, who can now victimize with little chance of justice. New Yorkers remember the difficulties of fighting crime when the communities did not trust law enforcement. It will also escalate misdemeanors. A traffic violator facing deportation can quickly become a fight or flight risk, putting cops and bystanders in unnecessary danger.

4 -Mexico has a responsibilities to its citizens, but Mexico represents the limited, weak government that American right wingers crave, with few social programs and an inability to collect taxes. How can they then expect Mexico's government to do anything?
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