Monday, June 21, 2010

Cody Gifford Reviewing Movies For 'Today' Show

Another example of the Nepotism Networks. I find it a bit upsetting with all the hard-working, highly skilled, yet still unemployed journalists out there, that networks continue to create a chattering class system and employ inexperienced sons and daughters and skip them to the front of the line. We have already created our own caste where politics is ruled by a set group of families, are the airwaves to be the same? You know, conservatives talk about how they don't want the US to look like Latin America because of bottom up immigration, but in reality, if the US is going to go the way of a "banana republic" (to use a term of the right), it will most likely do so in a top-down fashion where a small group of families run everything, and everyone else just works for them.
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